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Emailing a large quantity of people

The forum allows you to invite new users, add new users, or import new users. When inviting a new user, an email would be sent to them with the invite. When adding or importing new users, you can choose to send them a welcome email. If you'll be inviting or adding a large amount of users, you should ensure that their email addresses are valid and that they expect email from you. In other words, they should have opted in to receive email from you and you should have a mailing list manager which automtically removes invalid email addresses. This is because Website Toolbox monitors the number of emails which you've sent that are returned as spam or that are returned due to an invalid or non-existent email address. If greater than 1% of the emails are returned as spam or greater than a few percent of emails are returned as invalid email addresses, email delivery for your forum could be suspended to ensure that no damage is done to your forum's reputation with email providers. We would then investigate the situation and contact you. Therefore in cases where you don't have a high quality email list that matches the aforementioned criteria, you may want to consider using an alternative approach to emailing the users or only email users that you know have a valid email address and are expecting your email so that they won't mark it as spam.

You don't have to worry about invalid email addresses when emailing your existing users through the Users -> Email section because we automatically manage your email list so that it only contains valid email addresses. However, you should ensure that you only send your existing users high quality emails related to the forum that they expect. Avoid sending promotional or off-topic emails that they might mark as spam. If the percentage of emails that are marked as spam goes too high, email deliverability for your forum may be suspended until we can investigate the situation to avoid your forum's email reputation from being damanged.

If you still need help, please contact us.