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Search engines love forums. SEO is built into the foundation of your forum so you get the best results.
Facebook or LinkedIn log in makes it easy for users to sign up, and social sharing makes your content go viral.
Incentivize quality content by assigning users a reputation score based on how much the community has liked or disliked their posts.
Users can send instant messages to each other while browsing your forum, keeping them on your forum for longer.
Sometimes discussions need to happen faster. Gather your community in the chat room to accelerate the pace of the conversation!
Need to chat with a forum user that's offline? No worries! Send a private message.
Draw your website visitors into your forum by embedding a feed of the latest discussion topics.
Bring the forum to life by easily embedding videos, inserting photos, attaching files, and even format posts with HTML.
Returning to a topic puts you right where you stopped reading the last time you were in the topic, so that you can focus on the discussion instead of wasting time searching for which page you were on.
Keep users interested and follow all kinds of content throughout the community with our notifications system. Whether it's a new post, new message, new like, or new reply. Replying by email ensures that users can quickly and easily reply even while in a hurry.
Users can mention each other in discussions by writing an "@" before a username. Mentioned users are notified so they can quickly jump into the discussion.
Allow users to opt-in to timely updates from the content they follow by enabling push notifications in your forum.
Users have the power to hide and show content they want to see, keeping their feed more interesting and less cluttered.
Post polls to easily gauge your community’s opinion on important topics.
Specify additional information users can show on their profile so your forum users can get to know each other.
Our built-in calendar makes managing events easier than ever.
Go global by creating a forum available in 20 languages with full support for any language.
Encourage users to participate by assigning titles to users who post the most.
Give users more privileges based on their level of participation in the forum.
Website Toolbox is completely invisible to your users! Use your own logo, domain name, website layout, CSS, and much more!
Choose from our premade themes and customize the theme to your liking in seconds.
Quickly and easily embed your forum into any page of your website.
Using Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal? Download our plugins.
Enable single sign on with your website so users only have to log in once.
Easily integrate your forum with 1500+ apps & services without coding and do more with Website Toolbox.
Developers can use our API and Webhooks to integrate with the forum and create remarkable new experiences. Read API Documentation
Show ads from ad networks like Google Adsense to make money from your forum.
Take advantage of endless possibilities to monetize your forum. Charge a one-time or recurring or subscription fee to...

View the entire forum

View certain categories

View the posts within topics

View photos or attachments

View profiles

Post topics or replies

Go global and seamlessly create multiple country-based pricing plans to your liking.
Offer a free trial or a limited number of free views per month to entice users.
Import all of your existing forum data into our system quickly and easily.

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We used Website Toolbox for the new Aston Martin Owners Club forum. They have been brilliant, answering all the security and data protection questions immediately.The new forum has received great reviews from our users. They have imported 300,000 posts and 15,000 users from our old and creaky forum.
You own your data.
Export your forum in one click for your
personal backup or use in a different system.
Get real-time insights from your forum with our intuitive dashboard. Manage discussions, members, page views, visits, search engines, conversations, and more.
Use our built-in mass emailing to draw users back to your forum. Send newsletters with site news, popular topics, new topics, or new contests.
Website Toolbox is built to scale. Your forum can hold an unlimited number of categories, topics, replies, and members.
You can let the whole world view and contribute to your forum, or limit access to a select few.
Assign administrators and moderators with detailed permissions to help maintain the forum.
Assign users to groups to easily manage their settings and permissions. Set user group permission for each individual calendar or category.
Approve posts, replies, and registrations before they go live.
Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your forum.
Automatically detect and reject or require approval of inappropriate posts containing toxicity, insult, profanity, identity attacks, sexually explicit content, or threats using artificial intelligence.
Our industry-leading spam filter ensures that your time isn't wasted deleting unwanted contents.
Make posting private and effortless by allowing users to post anonymously.
Lock topics or categories so that new posts cannot be made in them.
Ensure everyone views important announcements by pinning them to the top of the page.

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