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Creating a new user account

These instructions are for the new themes. If you are using an old theme, please use these instructions instead.

You can invite people to join your forum or you can create a new user account on your forum yourself by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Website Toolbox account.
  2. Click the Users link.
  3. In the Users menu, click the New User link.
  4. Enter the new user's account details.
  5. Click the Create New User button.

If you have many new user accounts to create, you can bulk import the users.

Users can also create a new account themselves. Most of the pages on your forum should have a Sign Up link that can be clicked to create a new account.

The direct URL to the sign up page is:

(Replace with your forum address.)

If you do not see the Sign Up link, one of the instruction sets below can get you to the page where the Sign Up link is.

  • Ensure that User Accounts are enabled.
  • If you see an avatar image toward the top right of the page, click that and then click the Log Out link to log out of an account you are already logged in to.
  • If you see a Log Out link, click that to log out of an account you are already logged in to.
  • If you are asked for the forum password that means you have Password Protection activated. No one without that password will be allowed to enter your forum. You should either fill in the forum password to enter or turn off password protection if you do not want it.
  • The New user signups option has to be activated if you want to allow new users to create an account themselves.

If you still need help, please contact us.