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How does Website Toolbox prevent against malware and viruses?

Malware and viruses typically infect users of a website through malicious advertisements, XSS attacks, or file attachments. Website Toolbox safeguards users from all three of those types of attacks.

We offer paid plans that don't show any advertisements on your forum. This ensures that malicious advertisements can't inject malware of viruses into the page to infect users. Even if you decide to use the free plan which displays ads on your forum, rest assured knowing that the ads displayed on your forum are from Google Adsense, and are known to be of very high quality as they are carefully inspected by Google to ensure there are no security risks.

An XSS attack occurs when a user is able to inject and run malicious code on the web page. We prevent such types of attacks by ensuring that all user input is scanned and sanitized. Any code that is provided as user input is simply displayed on the page rather than executed. Our system is then thoroughly audited by third-party companies and software to ensure that no security holes are present.

File attachments on Website Toolbox forums are not scanned for viruses or malware. Therefore, we recommend setting the user group permissions so that only trusted users can upload files. You can promote a user to a more trusted user group based on their number of posts or days signed up. Alternatively, you can turn off file attachments. Another option is to change the acceptable file types to a restricted list of file types that cannot contain viruses.

We recommend signing up for Google Webmaster Tools so that you are automatically informed if any malware related issue occurs.

If you determine that there is malware on your forum, since our system prevents users from being able to post malware, be sure to carefully inspect any javascript which you entered in the Appearance -> HTML section of the admin area to ensure that it is safe.

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