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What is the Members List?

These instructions are for the new themes. If you are using an old theme, please use these instructions instead.

The members list shows the people who have signed up for your forum. It ranks users based on which users are the top posters, most reputed, or joined recently. This encourages users to post quality content often.

Please follow the instructions below to view the members list:

  1. Log in to your forum account.
  2. On mobile devices and in some themes, click the (main menu) icon located towards the top left corner of the page. Skip this step if you don't see the icon.
  3. Click the Members link or icon.
To quickly find a particular member, type a username (or partial username) into the text box at the top of the page. In the drop down next to the text box, select Advanced Search for more search options including searching based on join date, post count, or email address.

You can also hide or show the members list and related statistics.

You can choose which users are displayed on the members list by setting the Viewable on Members List option when editing a user group.

The direct address to your members list is:

The direct address to the member search page is:

(Replace FORUM_ADDRESS with the your forum address shown in the Website Toolbox administration dashboard.)

If you still need help, please contact us.