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What is a moderator?

Your forum can have 4 different types of moderators:
  1. Category Moderators
  2. Calendar Moderators
  3. Album Moderators
  4. Administrators

Moderators are users who have been assigned to oversee specific categories or calendars. They generally have the ability to edit and delete posts, move topics, and perform other actions. Becoming a moderator for a specific category or calendar is usually rewarded to users who are particularly helpful and knowledgeable in the subject of the category they are moderating.

An administrator is typically a user who is part of the Administrators user group. Administrators can optionally be given the ability to moderate all of the content in your entire forum. That includes all posts, members, albums, events, etc. You can also optionally give them access to specific sections of your Website Toolbox admin area.


  • A moderator does not have access to your Website Toolbox account.
  • As the owner of your forum, you have to create an account in your forum and assign it as an administrator to manage your forum content.

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