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Website Toolbox is not authorized to send email

If the domain name of the specified email address has a DMARC or SPF record that would reject the email, Website Toolbox will automatically ignore the Outgoing Email Address setting and will send the email from You can resolve the issue by authorizing Website Toolbox to send email.

If you face difficulties authorizing Website Toolbox to send email, another option is to delete the DMARC and SPF DNS records for your domain name. If you are unfamiliar with DNS, you can mention these instructions to your web hosting or domain name provider to have them make the change for you. It may take up to an hour for Website Toolbox to recognize that the records have been deleted.

Note that if the sender and recipient of the email are both the same email address and DKIM hasn't been set up, we will send the email as to avoid it being marked as spam by the email provider.

If you are using a free email provider (like for your Outgoing Email address, it will not be possible to make the necessary changes because they do not give you access to their DNS records.

If you still need help, please contact us.