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Users with multiple accounts

By default your forum is configured to allow users to only have one account. It enforces that rule by ensuring that the user is not signing up with an email address that already has an account associated with it.

You can turn on email verification so that users have to verify their email address using a link that is emailed to them. This way you know that the user is using a valid email address and it reduces the chances of users providing fake email addresses to sign up for multiple accounts.

If you would like to allow users to have multiple accounts on your forum, you can contact customer support and we can enable it for you.

If you'd like to prevent users from creating multiple accounts but you'd like to create multiple accounts yourself, you can create the users through the admin area using email tags.

If you would like to check if multiple accounts on your forum belong to the same user, besides checking the email addres you can also check the IP address of the accounts. If the IP address on the two accounts is the same, that means it is the same user using both accounts.

You can view the IP address recorded for an account by viewing the account's profile when logged in as a moderator.

What's an IP address?

Every user on the Internet has an IP address assigned to them automatically. The IP address is used to identify them on the Internet.

There are two kinds of IP addresses, dynamic and static. Dynamic IP addresses change slightly every time the user connects to the Internet. For example, and might be the same person. Static IP addresses do not change.

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