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The 403 forbidden error

The 403 forbidden message can occur in the following cases:
  • The user's IP address is banned at or Project Honey Pot, services used to report and block forum spammers. The user can check if their IP address is blocked by those services by visiting the two links above. If your IP address is blocked by them, submit the form on that page to have it removed from their database within 24 hours. Alternatively, you can try disconnecting and then reconnecting the modem or router for your Internet Service Provider as that may cause your computer to be assigned a new IP address which might not be blocked by those services.

    If the IP address is blocked by those services, it is possible that malicious software running on the computer is posting spam to the Internet without their knowledge. Consider scanning the computer with free anti-virus and anti-malware software such as AVG or Avast to prevent it from being blocked again by anti-spam services.

    This precaution been put in place to help prevent spammers, hackers, and malicious users from abusing the services you use from Website Toolbox. In some extremely rare cases, the above rules may cause a normal user to receive the 403 Forbidden message. The user can follow the instructions above to prevent this error from appearing.

  • If you're using a proxy to access the Internet, try turning it off.

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