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Adding a CNAME record
How do I insert the HTML code into my website?
Stopping automatic renewal of your subscription
How do I add a logo/picture/image to the top of the page?
Temporarily disabling my account
Are there any limitations?
Do your services come in multiple languages?
Website Toolbox infrastructure and backup practices
How do I delete my Website Toolbox account?
How do I change my plan or package?
How do I edit the header or footer?
Can I place my own banner ad on the page?
Clearing your browser's cache, cookies, and history
Who owns the data?
Retrieving a deleted item
Do you offer discounts to non-profit organizations?
Where can I view my support tickets?
What is a page view?
Where can I find your Terms of Service?
The 403 forbidden error
Centering layout content
Change the ownership of your Website Toolbox account
How can I get a receipt or invoice for my purchase?
Where can I find your privacy policy?
Identify your domain host
Do I have to have my own website?
Viewing your billing history
Why aren't the images loading?
How do I purchase or renew my service?
Linking to Website Toolbox using a banner or logo
Changing your Website Toolbox account password
Why is my Website Toolbox account disabled?
New feature requests
What happens when my free trial ends?
Where do I send my check or money order payment?
Where is your DMCA policy?
Learn HTML
How can I pay with PayPal?
Requiring the page to be loaded in a frame
Make a deposit
What is the IP address of Website Toolbox?
Adding a credit card to your account
What is your refund policy?
Updating your credit card information
How do I change my email address?
How do I contact Website Toolbox?
How do I update my website name or address?
How do I change my Website Toolbox username?
Preventing questionable ads from appearing
Paying using Bitcoin
What is a tool?
Hiding the title on your page
I forgot my Website Toolbox account username
Activating automatic renewal of your subscription
Taking a screenshot
I forgot my Website Toolbox account password
Removing a credit card from your account
How do I change the length that my subscription will renew for?
Modifying the profanity filter