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Removing Gmail's untrusted site / suspicious link message

If you receive a message saying "This link leads to an untrusted site. Are you sure you want to proceed to [domain]?" when clicking on a link in emails sent by your forum, that message is caused by Google Safe Browsing. You can check if your website or forum is listed in Google's Safe Browsing database. However, sometimes the warning appears even if your website is not listed. Google provides instructions regarding how to fix the issue with your website and then request to be removed from their database.

You should also authorize Website Toolbox to send email for your email address to help signal to Google that the domain name is not malicious.

You should also ensure that your Outgoing Email Address and Send Returned Email To email address use the same domain name as your forum so that your email is not flagged as suspicious by Google.

If you still receive the message after following all of the instructions above, please contact us.

If you still need help, please contact us.