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Emails go into the spam folder

If emails sent by your forum are going into your Spam or Junk folder, mark the email as "Not Spam" to train the email provider to not identify those emails as spam. You can authorize Website Toolbox to send email to further reduce the likelihood of your forum emails being marked as spam by email providers.

We take our email reputation extremely seriously. We have taken many steps to ensure that emails sent by your forum are not treated as spam by any email providers. Reports from all major spam blacklists show that Website Toolbox is not listed in any blacklist. We include one-click unsubscribe links in all emails and use the latest email security standards, such as DMARC and SPF, to ensure that all email is successfully delivered.

If you are still not able to receive emails, try changing the Settings -> Notifications -> Outgoing Email Address option to Also, add as a contact in your email address book or contact list.

You can also contact us so that we can check our email server logs to investigate the situation further. Please mention the username or email address of the user that is not able to receive the email.

If you still need help, please contact us.