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Are there any limitations?

The only limitations we have on our tools are listed below:

    • Number of categories permitted: Unlimited
    • Number of topics per forum: Unlimited
    • Total number of topics permitted: Unlimited
    • Number of replies per topic: Unlimited
    • Number of members: Unlimited
    • Number of moderators: Unlimited
    • File uploading storage: Unlimited
    • File uploading bandwidth: Unlimited
    • Administrators: Unlimited
    • Moderators: Unlimited
    • Maximum file size: 200 MB - Upgradeable
    • Length of a post: 65,000 characters - Learn more

    Topics per category and replies per topic are initially limited to 100,000 and 50,000 respectively as a security measure. If you are reaching these limits in your forum, please contact us for the limit to be increased or removed.


    • Number of entries permitted: 50,000
    • Length of an entry: 60,000 characters

    If you reach the maximum number of entries, a new entry causes the oldest entry to be deleted so that the guestbook remains at 50,000 entries.


    • Number of polls permitted: Unlimited
    • Number of responses permitted: Unlimited
    • Traffic (bandwidth): Unlimited

    If you still need help, please contact us.