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The character limit

Posts are restricted to a maximum of 65,000 characters of text, which is equivalent to many full pages of text in a word processing program.

It is very rare that someone will actually write a post containing 65,000 characters of text. The 65,000 limit includes all content of the post, which means HTML and copy/pasted or drag/dropped photos will be counted also.

The usual cause of a user reaching the 65,000 character limit in a post is because the text they are trying to post has very poorly written, repeating, or unnecessary HTML coding within it. When editing or creating a post, a user can highlight all of the text and then click the Remove Text Formatting icon in the editor toolbar to remove all of the HTML formatting and severely reduce the number of characters used.

Photos should be uploaded using the Attach photos link instead of copy/pasting or drag/dropping the photo into the editor.

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