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A post is missing

If you find your forum isn't displaying posts you fully expect to be shown, it can be due to one of the following reason:

User deleted their own post

Users might have permission to delete posts or topics they have created. If you do not want to allow users to delete posts, you can turn off that permission in the user group permissions.

Moderator/Administrator deleted the post

The post contents may have been violating the terms of the forum due to which the moderator/administrator might have deleted it. You can check the Moderator Logs section to see what actions have recently been taken by moderators.

Post was moved to another location

A user might have made the post in the wrong section and a moderator moved it to the place it belongs. You can check the Moderator Logs section for information regarding which moderator moved the post and to which location.

The post is pending

If Post Approval is enabled, the post might be pending approval. The posts that are pending your approval will not appear on the forum. You would need to approve the posts so they can appear on your forum. Declined posts will be deleted immediately.

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