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Why aren't the images loading?

Are you using the correct URL?
URLs must begin with http:// and contain the full path to the file.

For example, use:

Instead of:

Note: The path to your file should not begin with C:. If it does, you need to upload your file to a website such as so that the image has a URL that you can use in the HTML code.

Are you using the correct HTML code?
The correct HTML should look similar to:

<img src="IMAGE URL">

Does the website that is hosting the image allow remote linking?
Many web hosting services do not allow images to be used on other sites (remote linking). You need to make sure you are using a web host that allows remote linking to be able to use your images on your tool.

Is the page using HTTPS?

If the browser address bar shows that the page is securely loaded on HTTPS, the image URL must also begin with https instead of just http or the browser may block it for security reasons.

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