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Why are the prices based on page views instead of features?

Most forum hosting companies charge based on activity (like active members, page views, etc.) instead of features because it has several advantages.

It allows the cost to be lower and more accurately match the size of your forum. If a forum is priced based on features, a forum that needs just one feature in a higher pricing plan would end up paying much more even though the activity on their forum may not justify that expense for them.

It allows new forums that are just getting started to have all the features and functionality that they need to grow the forum easily and quickly. The small forums need those great features just as much as the big forums need them.

Even if a company is charging based on features instead of usage, there will always be a point at which the company starts losing money if usage exceeds the price they set for that feature set. To avoid that situation, if pricing is based on features, each pricing plan will need to be priced for the worst case scenerio (a really busy forum), which means that all other clients on that plan will unnecessarily be paying more. Pricing based on usage is directly proportional to the costs the hosting company has to bear and also the success of the forum. A successful forum will justify that in additional customer satisfaction, customer retention, engaged users, ad revenue, or whatever benefit the forum was created for.

So in general, while we understand the desire to have pricing based on features, we think pricing based on usage is much more adventageous for everyone involved.

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