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Where do the Paid Access payments go?

When your forum users try to view an area of your forum that is only viewable by Paid Access users, they'll see a page with the paid access message specified in your settings and a PayPal payment button. If you have setup Paid Access for donations only, then they'll see that page when they click the Donate link in the navigation area of your forum. Once they click the PayPal payment button, they'll be able to make a PayPal payment to the PayPal email address you specified in your settings. PayPal then notifies Website Toolbox when that payment is received, and we automatically give the forum user Paid Access permissions. PayPal then deposits the funds into the bank account that you have setup in your PayPal settings. You can choose to manually withdraw your funds from PayPal into your bank account or you can setup PayPal to automatically deposit funds into your bank account whenever payments are received. Alternatively, you can keep the funds in PayPal and use the funds in PayPal to purchase things online using PayPal or purchase things offline using a PayPal debit card.

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