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What languages are supported?

Your forum fully supports the usage of any language. Therefore, your users can input their text in any language when using the forum.

If you are using one of the new themes, your forum is automatically shown in Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Vietnamese, Korean, Russian, and Norwegian if the user's browser language is set to those languages, otherwise the forum appears in English. Content that users post is not automatically translated. Users can also manually change the language of the forum by using the language drop down that appears at the bottom of the forum in any of the new themes.

If you'd like to add support for a different language, please contact us. We'll send you a file with all of the text used in the forum translated into the language using Google Translate. You can then review the translations to ensure that they are accurate before we enable them on your forum.

If any of our translations are incorrect or inaccurate, please let us know and we'll be glad to fix it.

As an alternative, you can add a translation service, such as TranslateThis or Google Translate, into the Appearance -> HTML section of your Website Toolbox account.

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If you still need help, please contact us.