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What if there is a spike in my page view usage?

We have a lot of security measures in place to make sure your page views aren't abused by a malicious user. The forum automatically ignores excessive page views by a single user, too many page views within a small amount of time, spammers and other malicious robots, etc. Therefore, it's extremely unlikely to see a spike in page views due to an abuse related reason.

However, if your page views spike or your bill turns out to be something you're not comfortable with for any reason, don't worry! We want a long-term relationship with you. Your success and the success of your forum is our success as well. Just let us know and we'll take the page views off of your account or refund you the whole amount if the page views have already been billed. Then you can upgrade to a larger plan, block the user, or take whatever actions you think are necessary.

Depending on the type of forum you want to create, you can also consider making your forum private.

If you still need help, please contact us.