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Website Toolbox shows more page views than third-party analytics tools

A third-party website traffic analytics tool, such as Google Analytics, may show less page view usage than the Statistics section of your Website Toolbox account. This happens because the tracking code is inserted into the Appearance -> HTML section of your Website Toolbox account so that it can properly track page views. However, there are many high-traffic areas of your forum which will not load the Appearance -> HTML content on the page. Examples of this include RSS feeds, javascript feeds, and JSON feeds. Pages that do not include code from the Appearance -> HTML section will not be tracked by the third-party, and would therefore result in incorrect statistics provided by the third-party.

Additionally, because most search engine robots do not activate JavaScript, search engine robot traffic is not counted in third-party analytics tools. On the other hand, search engine robots are counted in your Website Toolbox forum page view statistics. This would also contribute to the difference in page views recorded in your third-party analytics tool and Website Toolbox. We include page views generated by a search engine robot because when a search engine views a page of your forum, our system still has to process the request the same way it would for a normal human. The same amount of memory, CPU, and bandwidth is used.

Also note that the Website Toolbox statistics dashboard uses the UTC time zone. If your third-party analytics tool is set to use a different time zone, the start and end of each day would be different and therefore the statistics for each day would also be different.

The following steps can be taken to ensure that your page views shown in the View Statistics section match the statistics tracked by a third-party:

You can view detailed analytics of the recent traffic on your forum in the real-time page views section. It shows information regarding what pages the users that have recently visited your forum are viewing.

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