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Using the embed code in Safari

When the forum is embedded into a page, the cookies that it sets become third-party cookies since it is not the main page that was requested in the browser address bar. The Safari browser blocks third-party cookies by default. To ensure that Safari always accepts cookies from the forum, you should make your forum use a subdomain of your website's domain name. For example, That will cause the browser to consider the cookies as first-party so that the cookies are always accepted.

If you don't set up a subdomain for your forum, when the Safari browser is used to view an embedded forum for the first time, the page will first redirect to the forum so that it becomes first-party and then it will redirect back to the embedded forum. This ensures that the Safari browser accepts cookies from the forum so that users can log in and use the functionality as normal. The redirect will only happen the first time the user visits the forum using the Safari browser. If Safari still doesn't accept the cookies, the forum will automatically open as a full page instead of as embedded. That would ensure that Safari accepts the cookies. These redirects are all avoided if you have set up a subdomain for your forum.

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