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The read/unread status of posts

The read or unread status of forum topics is tracked consistently across devices. The read/unread status is saved in a user's forum account, so signing in using any device will automatically display the correct read/unread status of topics.

You can use your laptop and mobile phone to read the forum without some posts appearing read on one device and unread on the other.

Guest users that are not logged into the forum will see all posts marked as read. Forums that have the User Accounts option turned off will use browser/cookie based post tracking.

Browser/Cookie based tracking

Cookie-based post tracking is only used for forums that have User Accounts disabled. It does not track the read/unread status of posts across devices.

The system records your last visit to the forum in a cookie on your browser. The cookie is automatically updated when you have been away from the forum for 15 minutes.

Since the last visited time is stored as a cookie in the browser, it is possible for your last visit time to be incorrect occasionally if you reset your browser cookies, use a different browser, use a different computer, or use the private mode of a browser. Additionally, since the cookie is updated after a 15 minute idle period, it should be considered an estimate of your last visit time at best.

If a post has been made after the time you last visited, it will be marked as unread. Therefore, the only posts that are marked as unread are the ones that definitely could not have been read because they were posted after the time you last visited.

The system cannot determine exactly what posts were actually read. It only does an estimate based on the last time you visited the forum.

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