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Replying to posts via email

When a user of your forum receives an email notification about a post or private message, they can reply to that post very easily by replying to the email notification. The forum will receive the email reply and post it on the forum in response to the correct post.

This makes the experience fast, easy, and user-friendly for the user. Giving them the ability to easily and quickly reply via email while, for example, on a mobile device during a busy day, will increase the amount of interaction with your forum. By always putting user-friendliness first, your forum will grow rapidly.

Users can only reply to immediate email email notifications of new posts or private messages. Users cannot reply via email to the digest email or notifications which are sent daily or weekly since they list multiple topics and it would be possible to know which topic the reply is for.

If you'd like to prevent users from replying to posts via email, please contact us to have that feature turned off on your forum.

If you still need help, please contact us.