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Purchasing advertising inventory

Website Toolbox uses Google Adwords to manage our advertising inventory. If you are interested in advertising on forums hosted by Website Toolbox, please signup for Google Adwords and add a managed placement.

Most forums that have available advertising inventory are hosted as a subdomain of one of the following domain names:

You can specify the full forum domain name, including the subdomain, to advertise on a specific forum that has advertising inventory available.

Many Website Toolbox clients have customized their forum domain name to match their own domain name. For example, In that case, you would need to create the managed placement on Google for the customized domain name.

Many clients running forums provided by Website Toolbox have purchased a paid subscription and have chosen not to allow ads on their forum. In that case, the forum's domain name would not appear on Google Adwords.

You can advertise in the Website Toolbox admin area by searching for a Google Adwords managed placement for

If you are trying to place advertisements on your own forum to earn money from it, please refer to this support article.

If you still need help, please contact us.