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Monetizing your forum

Monetizing your forum can create an entirely new source of income. Some monetization strategies include:

  • Advertising - Place advertisements, such as Google Adsense, on your forum or RSS feed to monetize your traffic. Some ad networks can earn you $2.00 CPM (per 1,000 page views) or more, allowing you to earn money from your forum. More information
  • Access Fee - You can require that users pay a membership fee for access to the forum or specific categories. This can be a one-time fee or a recurring subscription fee. More information.
  • Pay to download - You can require users to pay a one-time or recurring subscription fee for them to be able to download files or photos from specific categories or the whole forum.
  • Pay to view topic content - You can allow users to see the titles of the topics that users have posted, but only allow them to view the topic content and join the discussion in specific categories or the whole forum if they have paid a one-time or recurring subscription fee.
  • Donations from users - You may be able to raise a substantial amount of money by asking your users to donate as little as $1 each through our Paid Access feature.
  • Affiliate Programs - As the forum owner, you are a trusted expert in your field, so you can recommend products and services as an affiliate to your visitors directly on your forum or via rare and well-planned emails.
  • Sponsors - You can contact other companies in your industry that may be interested in sponsoring your forum for a fee. In return you could promote their product or service and place their logos in prominent areas of your forum.
  • Events - Use your forum community to bring like-minded individuals together in-person.
  • E-commerce - Sell merchandise with your logo or exclusive products from your brand to forum members.

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