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Monetizing your forum

Monetizing your forum can create an entirely new source of income. Some monetization strategies include:

  • Advertising - Place advertisements, such as Google Adsense, on your forum or RSS feed to monetize your traffic. Some ad networks can earn you $2.00 CPM (per 1,000 page views) or more, allowing you to earn money from your forum. More information

  • Access Fee - You can require that users pay a membership fee for access to the forum or specific categories. More information.

  • Donations from users - You may be able to raise a substantial amount of money by asking your users to donate as little as $1 each through a simple payment method such as PayPal.

  • Affiliate Programs - As the forum owner, you are a trusted expert in your field, so you can recommend products and services as an affiliate to your visitors directly on your forum or via rare and well-planned emails.

  • Sponsors - You can contact other companies in your industry that may be interested in sponsoring your forum for a fee. In return you could promote their product or service and place their logos in prominent areas of your forum.

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