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Importing content from a different system

You can import content from a different system into your forum by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Website Toolbox account.
  2. Click the Content link.
  3. In the Content menu, click the Import link.
  4. Type the name and version number of the forum platform you want to import data from.
  5. Click the Go button.

Alternatively, you could import content using our API.

If you only need to import users, you can follow these instructions.

Importing CSV Content

If the platform you're currently using isn't supported yet, we can either add support for it or you can import your data in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format by entering "csv" as the platform name. You can then upload a compressed zip file of the CSV content. We have sample files that you can use as a template. For inline images in post data, ensure that the image uses the full URL to the image instead of a relative image so that the image URLs don't break when the posts are imported. For post attachments, add an "attachment" column to the reply.csv file and specify the full attachment file URL. If the CSV import functionality doesn't currently support something you need to import, please let us know and we can add that functionality.

If you still need help, please contact us.