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Embedded forum has extra height or scrollbars

Normally the embedded forum will automatically adjust its height so that a scrollbar never appears. However, if pages not hosted by Website Toolbox are loaded within the embedded window, a scrollbar or additional empty space at the bottom of the page may appear. For example, if you are using Single Sign On and you have specified a Login, Logout, or Register page. Another example is when a user clicks on links that you have specified in your header or footer.

You can resolve the problem by upgrading the page which contains your embed code to an HTML5 doctype or by including the following HTML code within the HEAD tag of any page that you try to load within the embedded window:

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Alternatively, you can specify an HTML attribute of target="_top" on your links so that they open in the full browser window instead of within the embedded window.

Use these instructions to prevent your website pages from appearing within the embed code area.

If you are using an iframe instead of the embed code due to JavaScript restrictions with your web hosting provider, the only way to remove the scroll bars is to specify a very large height for the iframe.

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