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EasyCode / BBCode

EasyCode, also known as BBCode, is a special set of brackets that allows forum users to use custom formatting in their post without exposing the dangers of allowing HTML in posts. Most things that EasyCode does can also be done using the toolbar icons shown when composing your post. The following EasyCode tags can be used in your forum:

[I]sample text[/I] Italicize text
[B]sample text[/B] Bold text
[U]sample text[/U] Underline text
[S]sample text[/S] Strikethrough text text
[URL=]sample text[/URL] Link some text to a URL
[URL][/URL] Create a link. Note: URLs mentioned in a post are automatically converted into links.
[]sample text[/EMAIL] Link text to an email link
[EMAIL][/EMAIL] Create an email link
[VIDEO][/VIDEO] Embed a video into the post. Note: Video URLs mentioned in a post are automatically converted into embedded videos. Supported types include YouTube, Facebook, Hulu, Vimeo, Daily Motion, Meta Cafe, and Google Video.
[QUOTE]sample text[/QUOTE] Quote something that someone else said.
[QUOTE=SAMPLE_NAME]sample text[/QUOTE] Quote something that SAMPLE_NAME said.
[CODE]sample text[/CODE] Preserves both spaces and line breaks.
[COLOR=COLOR_NAME]sample text[/CODE] Make sample text the color of COLOR_NAME.

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