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Customizing your theme

These instructions are for the new themes. If you are using an old theme, please use these instructions instead.

You can customize your forum theme by following the directions below:
  1. Log in to your Website Toolbox account.
  2. Click the Appearance link.
  3. In the Appearance menu, click the Themes link.
  4. Click Customize next to the active theme.

This will bring you to the theme editor, which allows you to customize aspects of your theme by changing simple options.

Alternatively, you can click Activate next to a different theme to enable it, and then click Customize next to that theme to the newly activated theme to customize the various design options.

You can also customize every aspect of your forum's appearance by adding custom CSS to your forum. CSS is used to control the style and layout of web pages on the Internet. To learn more about CSS, try the W3Schools CSS Tutorial.

If you still need help, please contact us.