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Changing the order that posts appear in

Posts within a topic are ordered by oldest to newest by default. This is because the forum will automatically bring the user back to the where they previously stopped reading the topic. Then the user can follow the natural behavior of scrolling downward to continue to read more.

If you'd like newest posts to appear first by default, please contact us. However, we strongly advise against making this change. If the newest posts appear first by default, the user would be taken to where the previously stopped reading the topic and then they'd have to scroll upward to read new posts. That's a very awkward experience. To remedy that, you could stop the forum from bringing the user back to where they stopped reading. However, then users would just be brought to the latest post when they view a topic, which would mean that they'd be missing the context of what happened between the time they stopped reading the topic and the time of the latest post. They'd start by reading the latest post and then scroll downward, seeing each of the posts that came before it. It would essentially be reading the conversation backwards. We don't recommend it.

If you still need help, please contact us.