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Changing the appearance of usernames

You can hide all of the usernames or change the way usernames of your forum users belonging to the different user groups are displayed on your forum. You can make the usernames appear with different colors, bold, italics, etc.

Please visit the Appearance -> HTML section and insert the following code under the Forum Head Tag HTML Code section.

.usergroup[user group ID here] {
	color: #FFF;
	font-weight: bold;
	font-style: italic;

Note: Please replace the text [user group ID here] with the numeric user group ID of the user group.

font-weight: bold; -- Will display the usernames as bold.
font-style: italic; -- Will display the usernames as italics.
color: #FFF; -- Will change the text color of the usernames to white. Click here for other available color codes.

If you'd like to change the appearance of all of the usernames, you can use the display_username class. For example, to hide the usernames, you would use:

.display_username {
	display: none;

If you still need help, please contact us.