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Changing the appearance of letter avatars

If a user hasn't uploaded an avatar image, we use a letter avatar by default. The letter avatar uses the first letter of the user's username and a consistent color chosen based on the username. We normally use various different colors for the avatars so that two users that both have usernames which start with the same letter will still have two different avatars since at least the colors will be different. That same user will always have the same color avatar. This strategy ensures that every user has a unique avatar even when multiple users have usernames that start with the same letter.

You can specify your own set of colors to use instead of our own default colors and change other aspects of the appearance of the letter avatars by following the instructions below:

  1. Log in to your Website Toolbox account.
  2. Click the Appearance link.
  3. In the Appearance menu, click the HTML link.
  4. Insert the following code into the Forum Head Tag HTML Code textbox:

    wtbx.customLetterColours = ['#f7b51b'];
    wtbx.customLetterFontFamily = 'Arial';
    wtbx.customLetterTextColor = '#FFF';
    wtbx.customLetterFontSize = '94';
  5. Save the changes.

In the example code above, #f7b51b is the color in HEX. You can get the HEX representation of other colors using a color picker.

You can also specify multiple colors by using a list of colors. For example, instead of ['#f7b51b'[ in the example code above, you could use ['#f7b51b', '#FFFFFF', '#000000'] to specify 3 different colors to be used.

Each of the customizations shown in the code above are optional. For example, you could just change the colors used for the letter avatars and not the font family, text color, or font size by excluding that part of the code.

If you still need help, please contact us.