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Weekly Digest Email

When a user has not visited your forum for a week, an email containing a list of the top 20 topics for that week will automatically be sent to them. This is a great way to catch the user's attention and draw them back to the forum. It will help keep your users engaged so that your forum community grows faster.

The topics listed in the email are chosen based on a score which is calculated using a formula of views, likes for posts within the topic, likes for the first post in the topic, and number of replies. This ensures that the best topics are presented to the user, increasing their chances of wanting to return to the forum to read that content and post a reply.

Only topics that the user has permission for are included in the email.

The digest email is sent a maximum of once per week. The email is not sent to users who have never visited the forum or users who haven't visited the forum in more than 3 months.

The email contains an unsubscribe link that allows the user to instantly unsubscribe with just one click. If you would not like the digest email to be sent to any of your users, you can contact customer support to have it turned off.

If you'd like users to receive email notifications about all posts regardless of whether they have visited the forum or not, use the automatically follow option. Users can also follow a specific category or follow a specific topic to receive email notifications related to that category or topic only.

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