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Log in with LinkedIn

You can allow users to sign up and log in to your forum using their LinkedIn account. This is beneficial because you can use your LinkedIn app to tap into LinkedIn's huge viral reach, it increases sign ups by 35 to 50% because users know it will be easy to sign up or log in, users will eventually be able to post a status update on LinkedIn when they post a new topic or reply, it automatically imports their LinkedIn profile picture, and it automatically logs the user into your forum when they are already logged into LinkedIn.

Your users will see a Log in with LinkedIn button on the Log in and Sign Up screens that will allow them to log in or sign up for your forum through LinkedIn. An account and profile will still be created for them on the forum and they will appear as a normal user. If they already have a forum account, they will be able to connect their existing forum account to their LinkedIn account.

Logging in with LinkedIn can safely be used on private forums since nothing is shared outside of the forum.

You can enable logging in with LinkedIn on your forum by following the instructions below:

  1. Visit the LinkedIn Developers section. (Note: You must be logged into your personal LinkedIn account to create an app.)
  2. Click Create app button.
  3. Enter Forum in the App name.
  4. Choose your Company Name from the list or select Other. (You can also create a new company page)
  5. For Privacy Policy URL, enter your forum privacy page URL if you have any or your forum address.
  6. Upload your logo. (Image must be square and at least 100x100 pixels)
  7. Check the box to agree the terms under Legal terms.
  8. Click the Create App button.
  9. Click the Auth tab.
  10. Copy the Client ID.
  11. Log in to your Website Toolbox account.
  12. Click the Settings link.
  13. In the Settings menu, click the Single Sign On link.
  14. Check the LinkedIn option.
  15. In the Client ID text box, paste the Client ID you copied previously.
  16. Click the Auth tab again in the LinkedIn app.
  17. Click the Eye icon to reveal the client secret.
  18. Copy the Client Secret.
  19. Go back to the Single Sign On link again on your Website Toolbox account.
  20. In the Client Secret text box, paste the Client Secret you copied previously.
  21. Click the Save button.
  22. Click the Auth tab again in the LinkedIn app.
  23. Click Pencil icon in front of Redirect URLs and select + Add redirect URL.
  24. Enter your forum address. and click Update.

If you still need help, please contact us.