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"If you want a great forum hosting service at a great price with great service, this is the place to be... Excellent customer service, great pricing, amazing features... Website Toolbox proved to be one of the most comprehensive forum services we came across... It doesn't get more user-friendly than this..."

"I am writing to share a wonderful service story about your support team (specifically, Austin). Having struggled with integrated WP forum products, I was not too thrilled with their complex integration nor the load time on my site. Thus, I opted to buy your forum service.

You have a fantastic product. However, your support team is even more phenomenal helping me integrate the look and feel of my client site into the forum design. Thank you very much for your considerable help and instant chat assistance (I think her name was Moni). You truly understand how to service your product with quick resolutions."

Peter David Gustafson

"You have a great product that's easy to use with no maintenance on my end. Keep up the good work."

Rick Wessley
"I created my own account to test your product for use on a client's web site. We loved it! I purchased a subscription to your guestbook service on behalf of my client, and created a new account for that specific use. I am so impressed with your products that I also became an affiliate and am promoting your services on my own web site. Keep up the good work!"

Krisin Zeller
"Website Toolbox has been a superb solution for TheBigDay Travel. Our customers love it--and the customization available is flexible enough to allow us to "brand" the forums so that they fit with our main site. Tech support has been outstanding, with quick & helpful responses to the questions we've had."

Michael Cottam
"Very simple and easy to set up, yet so customizable. It looks like it resides right on our site."

Rainer Huebl
"You have a truely professional service offering a fast and easy interface. I checked out many competitors before going with your service - I have made the right choice!"

Stuart Duffy
"This web app is terrific! Website Toolbox's forums program is a key part of my website, and allows me to easily communicate with my customers on their technical issues. I strongly recommend this inexpensive service to any organization that needs to keep track of customer communications in real-time. Thanks for a great product!"

"I must say, your poll tool is by far the best! It is so easy to use and looks great. I have searched all over the place and even considered purchasing expensive scripts, but I finally found Website Toolbox."

Rob Green, Project Leader
"I have never even used a forum before but within two hours I had set one up on my own site. It's a brilliant system, simple to set up and fully configurable with a huge choice of management options."

Iain Fairweather
"I am not much for telling someone Thank You since it is hardly deserved by most companies in the Internet Business.

HOWEVER, I have been all over the Internet looking for professional forums that are not cluttered with garbage and yet remain easy to use, easy to understand. It is very hard to find both simple and without all the junk popups and advertisements.

Last night, I found your company, gave a SIGH in saying OK, her I go again. Each carries a certain learning curve, so there I went.

Within one hour, I had your software working and it just made sense.

This is the reason for T H A N K Y O U!!!

I have already began using your Forum, and will renew for a year before expiration. In fact, I will be using several of your fourms for my customers web sites as well.

If you have a problem with me purchasing several accounts using the same IP Address and 2 different credit cards (mine and my partner) then we can do long term business.

I like what I see....


Jason Mendenhall
"I can't tell you how impressed I am with your forum system. I am delighted that I stumbled upon it. There's so much stuff in the system, it will take me a month to learn it, but it is pretty intuitive.

The support I recieve from your team has been first rate."

Parker Shannon
"Just wanted to say how pleased I am with the services at Website Toolbox. I'm a teacher who has two websites that my middle school students run. Everything is so easy to read and understand."

Kevin Fite
"I wish every business I dealt with had your level of customer service. You are the best!!"

"Great job on a board that looks very professional, is easy to use and manage, and all at a reasonable price."

Wayne Dean
"I have always wanted my website to look clean without annoying ads or popups so that I do not drive my visitors nuts. I think your guestbook and message forum tools are the best and the easiest to implement! Keep up the great work. Well worth the money and I plan to purchase after the free trial."

"I just wanted to say thank you for an impressive set of products. I love freeware, but this is so superior in user friendliness that in the end it costs me much less. I always spend magnitudes more time dealing with non-supported freeware than I expect. Your products look great, are easy to customize, outstanding functionality and reasonably priced. Kudos!"

Christina Bosemark
"I am a registered user of your Poll and Guestbook products and have just today purchased the Forum.
I have found your products to be so easy to implement into my web site and the great tools to modify them makes it so very easy to use. Customer support is seldom needed but whenever I've submitted a support ticket, you've been right there for me.
Thanks again for these great products and keep up the good work!!"

Larry Hieb
"Wanted to commend you folks for modifying my forum from my website. It's perfect. Very impressed with your forum software. After suffering through several Wordpress related forums and plugins, this was like manna from heaven. Good job all around."

Larry Allen
"Thank you SO much for all of your help! I have to say, this is the best customer service experience I’ve had in years. I’m VERY happy that I found you guys!"

Carole Hayes

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