Embedding a forum into your Squarespace website

You can embed a forum into your Squarespace website by getting your forum embed code and then inserting the embed code into your Squarespace website using the Code Block option in Squarespace.

  1. Visit Squarespace.com
  2. Log in to your Squarespace account.
  3. Select the site you want to edit.
  4. Click Pages.
  5. Click Add Page.
  6. Click .
  7. For Page Title, enter Forum.
  8. Click Start Editing.
  9. Click the + (plus) icon.
  10. Click Code. (If your account doesn't support this premium feature, select Embed and then click the </> icon.)
  11. Copy your forum embed code and paste it into the text box.
  12. Click Apply.
  13. Click Save.
  14. Click the back arrow next to Home.
  15. Click Design.
  16. Click Style Editor.
  17. Uncheck the check box next to Enable Ajax Loading.
  18. Click Save.
  19. View your Squarespace website. A Forum link will now appear in the navigation of your website. Clicking that will open a page with your forum embedded in it.

You can also use these instructions or these instructions from Squarespace's help section. The instructions include a video and screenshots.

If you're using MemberSpace or MembershipWorks, they have built-in Single Sign On integration with Website Toolbox. Please contact them if you need help getting set up. Note that MembershipWorks does not currently support SSO with your forum while using the embed code. You'd need to directly link to the forum.

If you are using a different membership provider with Squarespace, please select Squarespace as your Website Builder in the Single Sign On settings to set up Single Sign On between your Squarespace website and your forum.

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