Embedding a forum into your BoldGrid website

You can embed a forum into your BoldGrid website by getting your forum embed code and then following these instructions to insert the embed code into your BoldGrid website.

  1. Visit the BoldGrid website.
  2. Login to your BoldGrid account.
  3. Click the Cloud WordPress option under Manage My Account tab.
  4. Click the Administer option.
  5. Click the Plugins link from left menu and select Add New.
  6. Search Forums by Website Toolbox in the search box available on the top right of the page.
  7. Click Install Now in front of the Forums by Website Toolbox search result.
  8. Click on Activate.
  9. Click the Settings link in the left navigation menu.
  10. Under the Settings menu, click Forums by Website Toolbox.
  11. Enter your Website Toolbox account information. Create a Website Toolbox Forum if you don't already have one.
  12. Click the Customize link in the left navigation menu and click Menus.
  13. Under Menus, click the primary option.
  14. Click the +Add Items button and select +Forum.
  15. Click Publish from the top left corner inside the editor panel.
  16. Go to your website. A Forum link will now appear in the navigation of your website. Clicking that will open a page with your forum embedded in it.

Please select Other as your Website Builder in the Single Sign On settings to set up Single Sign On between your MemberVault website and your forum.