The features you need, with the ease you expect...

Look and Feel
Use your own domain name Use your existing domain name for your forum.
Instantly change the look Themes allow you to change the entire look and feel of your forum in one click or even customize every aspect of your forum's design.
Use your website's layout Copy the HTML code for your website layout into your forum to make your forum look exactly like your website.
Embed it into your website Quickly and easily embed your forum into any page of your website.
Any device, anywhere Our forums are mobile-friendly, making it easy to access your forum on the go.

General Features
Make money Make money from your forum by adding your own advertising or charging subscription fees.
Integrate your login & signup Integrate your website's registration and login process with your forum so users only have to login or register once.
Instant messaging Users can send instant messages to each other while browsing your forum, keeping them on your forum for longer.
Chat room Sometimes discussions need to happen faster. Gather your community in the chat room to accelerate the pace of the conversation!
Share files and photos Attach files and images to posts and upload your own avatar images or photographs from your computer.
Login with Facebook Users can login to your forum with their Facebook account, increasing participation by an average of 50%!
Easily embed videos Links to videos on popular video sites are automatically turned into an embedded video player right in the topic.
Get found in search engines Search engines love forums. SEO is built into the foundation of your forum so you get the best results.
Viralize forum content Easily share content on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter, drawing in more people to your forum.
Incentivize quality content Users receive a reputation score based on how much the community has liked or disliked their posts, encouraging quality content.
Announce and organize events The built-in calendar makes managing events easier than ever.
Get feedback from users Add a voting poll to your topics to learn what your forum users think.
No branding Your forum will not contain any branding or references to Website Toolbox.
Embed new content Integrate the newest topics directly into your website with JavaScript and XML feeds, or use the traditional RSS feeds.
Multilingual Our international forums use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding to allow for full support of any language.
Smart history Forget about remembering which page you were on, your forum will automatically put you right where you stopped reading the last time you were in a topic.

Security Features
Assign administrators Assign multiple moderators/administrators with detailed access rights for each individual forum or calendar.
Require your approval Approve posts, replies, and registrations before they go live.
Password protect content Password protect your entire forum or individual forums.
Set user permissions Assign users to groups to easily manage their settings and permissions. Set user group permission for each individual calendar or forum.
Privatize your forum Easily create a private forum by setting user group permissions.
Ban trouble makers Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your forum.
Stop post spammers Our system has advanced filters built in that automatically detect and refuse unwanted spam posts.
Stop email spammers Our forum system has been built to automatically hide all email addresses from the public, stopping email spam completely.
Ensure friendly content Block profanity from being posted.

Additional Features
Export your forum data You own your data. Export your forum in one click for your personal backup or use in a different system.
Migrate your existing forum Just let our support team know and we'll get all of your existing forum data imported into our system free of charge.
Private messaging Private messaging is a convenient way for your members to contact one another privately without disclosing their email address. It's like an email system built right into your forum!
Anonymous/Guest Posting Your forum can be configured to allow users to post in the entire forum or specific categories anonymously.
Unlimited Your forum can hold an unlimited number of forums, categories, topics, replies, and members.
Engaging user profiles Specify additional information users can show on their profile so your forum users can get to know each other.
Built-in mass emailing Easily email all of your forum users.
Member titles Encourage users to participate by assigning titles to the users who post the most.
Lock Topics/Forums Lock topics or forums so that new posts cannot be made in them.
Pin Topics Pin topics so they stay at the top of a forum. This is ideal for posting announcements.
Email Notifications Administrators can choose to receive an email notification when a new topic, reply, or registration occurs. Your forum users can subscribe to any topic or forum, allowing them to receive email notifications of replies or new topics.
User Promotions Give users more privileges based on their level of participation in the forum.