Single Sign on

Users are automatically signed in to your forum when they sign in to your WordPress website. Forum accounts are automatically created for your existing or new WordPress users.

Embedded Forum

The forum is seamlessly embedded into the layout of your WordPress website.

Why Website Toolbox?

Instant Setup

So easy to use, you'll be up and running in a few seconds!

Public or Private

You can let the whole world view and contribute to your forum, or limit access to a select few.

White Label

Use your own logo and domain name. Website Toolbox is completely invisible to your users!


Search Engine Optimization is built into the foundation, driving more traffic to your forum.

Fully Customizable

Customize every aspect of your forum, including the design and features.


Make money from your forum by adding your own advertising or charging subscription fees.

Fanatic Support

Industry-leading phone, chat, and email support.

Everything's Hosted

You don't have to buy and maintain expensive servers, software, backup solutions, etc. We do all the work, so you can reap all the rewards.


You decide who can view and post content. Review and approve content before it goes live.


The highest standards. The happiest customers.


"Excellent customer service... amazing features... Website Toolbox proved to be one of the most comprehensive forum services we came across. It doesn't get more user-friendly than this."

All the features you want, none of the clutter.

Chat Room & Instant Messenger

Chat in real-time with the built-in chat room and instant messenger.

Share Files, Photos, & Videos

Users can attach files and photos to posts, embed videos, create albums, and upload their own avatar.

Set User Permissions

Control exactly who can access what, with incredible precision. Easily approve posts and registrations, privatize your forum, and much more.

Login with Facebook

Users can login to your forum with their Facebook account, increasing participation by an average of 50% and helping your content go viral.

Social Sharing

With our social integration, users can freely share their content and media on social websites.

Announce and Organize Events

Our built-in calendar makes managing events easier than ever.

Engage with Community

Build trust and loyalty

Create a community where users can bond with you and each other.

Improve service

Discuss issues, share knowledge, and talk about you, your product, or your service.

Get feedback

Connect with your users to truly understand their needs.

Convert prospects

Build relationships and create a sense of trust with prospective customers.

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