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What is an additional user group?

A user's additional user group defines their secondary responsibility and rights. For example, for a forum related to an office, a user may be a primary member of an Office Management group and an additional member of an Office Employee group. This way you can set basic permissions for Office Employees and grant more permissions for Office Management.

A user will always have one primary group, but they can belong to any number of additional user groups. The permissions from a user's additional user groups merge together in determining their final permissions, such that one Yes permission overrides all other No permissions. For example, if a user is a member of one primary user group (pgroup) and two secondary user groups (sgroup1, sgroup2), and the Post Topics permission looks like this among all of the groups:

pgroup - No
sgroup1 - No
sgroup2 - Yes

...then the overall Post Topics permission for that user will be Yes, because one Yes overrides any number of No's.

Primary user groups are convenient for assigning a base set of permissions to your users. You can use additional user groups to add on bits and pieces.

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