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Creating a mobile app for your forum

While all our forum plans include a mobile-friendly forum when loaded in a normal web browser and the ability to add an app icon for your forum to your mobile home screen using a progressive web app, an annual subscription of our Pro Plan includes a mobile app that can be installed via the phone's app store.

Once you have subscribed to the annual Pro plan, please contact us to request the creation of your forum's mobile app. That process can take up to one month. Note that you will need to sign up with the app stores and submit your app to the app stores for approval yourself.

On Android phones, the mobile app can be a container for the normal web based version of your forum with the addition of push notifications. The same thing can be achieved using a progressive web app, so we recommend that instead.

On iOS devices (iPhone and iPad), Apple often doesn't approve a mobile app that is just a container for a website with the addition of push notifications. It violates their Minimum Functionality rule. Also, progressive web apps and browsers on iOS devices don't support web push notifications. Therefore, the only viable approach is to create a native mobile app with a native interface that includes push notifications. We can do that for both iOS and Android devices. However, due to the vast functionality of the forum and the rapid pace at which new functionality is added, the mobile app will always be much more basic than the actual web-based version of the forum. For these reasons, we recommend using a progressive web app. We think eventually Apple will add web push notifications for mobile browsers and progressive web apps just like Android already has.

If you still need help, please contact us.