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Automatic Signup

Automatic Signup allows you to send an HTTP request from within your application to automatically create a user's forum account. This can be helpful if you have a separate signup on your website and you don't want to make your visitors sign up twice.

If you are using PHP, we highly recommend using our SSO Library. It contains one file with all of the library code you'll need and other files with example usage.

You can optionally turn off new signups so that users can't directly create accounts. Then the only way to create a new account would be to invite the user or create the account programmatically using the instructions mentioned in this support article. That may be helpful if you would like to ensure that new accounts can only be created through your website.

Sending a signup request is optional since accounts will be created automatically if they don't already exist during a single sign on log in request. In most cases, you can just do a single sign on log in request and skip the instructions shown here for an automatic signup request.

If you need help, go to the Single Sign On settings and select your website builder to have our development team integrate SSO for you, starting at just $149.

The URL should look like this unmodified:

  • Replace with your forum address.
  • Replace APIKEY with your forum API Key.
Then extend the URL with additional optional parameters. Please note that the username and email address fields are required.

The response from the server will be in JSON format similar to this:

  "userid": "The numerical userid of the newly created user will be here."

If an error occurs during the regitration, the JSON response will look like this:

  "message": "The error message will be here."

In the Settings -> Single Sign On section of your Website Toolbox account, specify the address of your website's Sign Up Page to ensure that all forum signups occur using your website's signup form.

The next step is to integrate your website's log in and log out process.

The URL should look like this unmodified:
(Replace with your forum address.)

Then extend the URL with whatever information you would like pre-filled using the additional optional parameters.

If you still need help, please contact us.