Website Polls Features

Unlimited Discover the freedom of unlimited. Unlimited polls, responses, and votes.
Customizable Specify your own headers and footers for every page and completely customize all colors and options used.
Multiple Styles Choose between three different poll styles: radio buttons, checkboxes, or a dropdown box. - View examples
Modify Votes Modify the number of votes for each result.
Multiple Polls Display an unlimited number of polls simultaneously on your website.
Random Polls Display a random poll from your account with just one simply HTML code.
Customizable result display Open the results on the same page in the same poll section (inline), in a popup window, or in a new browser window.
Vote Flooding Prevention You can prevent users from voting multiple times for each poll using a cookie, IP address, and a unique external identifier (such as a user's username from your website).
Private Results Activate this feature to hide the results of the poll from the public permanently or until the user has voted.
Image Reponses Specify an image to be displayed next to each response.
Linked Reponses Specify a link URL for each response.
Automatic Expiration Prevent new votes from being casted on the exact date that you specify.
Multilingual Our international website polls have full support for any language.
Multiple Linking Options Use a simple link pointing to your poll URL, embed your poll into your web page using a small piece of JavaScript code, or access the actual poll HTML code for extensive customization.
SSL Create a secure poll by using SSL (https).
IP Address List View a full list the IP address and date/time for each vote.
Manageable Delete or edit your polls with ease.