Guestbook Hosting Features

Look and Feel
Use your own domain name Use your existing domain name for your guestbook.
Instantly change the look Easily change the entire look and feel of your guestbook using simple point-and-click options.
Embed it into your website Quickly and easily embed your guestbook into any page of your website.
Use your website's layout Copy the HTML code for your website layout into your guestbook to make your guestbook look exactly like your website.

General Features
Run your own ads Make money from your guestbook by adding your own advertising.
Ask custom questions Custom questions allow you to get useful feedback from users when they sign your guestbook. For example: "How did you find us?"
Receive private messages Private messages allow users to post a private guestbook entry that only you can view.
Download your messages Download and save all of your guestbook entries to your computer as an HTML File or Text File.
No branding Your guestbook will not contain any branding or references to Website Toolbox.
Multilingual Our international guestbooks use Unicode (UTF-8) encoding to allow for full support of any language.
Limit posts Prevent users from posting multiple entries in your guestbook.
Built-in mass emailing Easily email all of your guestbook users.
Email notifications Receive an email notification when a new guestbook entry is posted.
Quickly find messages Built-in search capabilities ensure that you can find the message you are looking for quickly and easily.

Security Features
Approve messages Approve messages before they go live on your guestbook.
Ban trouble makers Use IP and email address banning to stop unwanted visitors from accessing your guestbook.
Stop post spammers Our system has advanced filters built in that automatically detect and refuse unwanted spam posts.
Stop email spammers Our guestbook system has been built to automatically hide all email addresses from the public, stopping email spam completely.
Ensure safe & friendly content Block HTML and profanity from being posted.