Embedding a chat room into your Ghost website

You can embed a chat room into your Ghost website by getting your Chat Room embed code and then inserting the embed code into your Ghost website.

  1. Visit Ghost.org
  2. Log in to your Ghost.org account.
  3. Go to Dashboard and click Pages.
  4. Click either Create a new page or New page button.
  5. For Page Title, enter Chatroom.
  6. Click Setting icon on the top right corner and select Code injection.
  7. Copy your chat room embed code and paste it into the Page header text box.
  8. Click < icon to go back to the last page.
  9. Scroll the page down and check the box next to Feature this page.
  10. Click X icon to close this menu bar.
  11. Click Publish button and choose the appropriate option.
  12. Click Publish.
  13. View your Ghost website. A Chat Room link will now appear in the navigation of your website. Clicking that will open a page with your chat room embedded in it.