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Bill Chambers Email
Yesterday at 07:08

City, State: St Augustine Beach, Florida

Would like to attend this reunion in P-Cola..  Was in VR from 75 through 78  , C130 Loadmaster and AT, my memory does not serve me well but I recall names like Joe & Judy Brown, Tom Eide, Ernie Malagreda(sp?), Jerry Campbell, Mike Reeves, Tom(?) Barbour, Jay & Sheri Aspinwall, BJ Watson, Corny, Joe Krowitz, Maureen Gallant, LT Wavle, John Grainger, Claudia, Im missing lots I know ..

Cheers to All

Carlos B Benavides Email
April 21

City, State: Corpus Christi, TX

I would like to attend the Reunion...On my way to the USS America Reunion in Virginia Beach the following week.  Si Se Puede.

Carlos B Benavides
C-2A PC 79-82
President BSA

Randy H Schumacher Email
April 9

City, State: Baltimore WA

Homepage URL:

I was a pilot for VR-24 in Sigonella from late 1984 to the summer of 1988.  The best time I ever had in the Navy!

Chuck Dunning Email
March 26

City, State: Haines City ,Florida

Good Morning from sunny Florida.
     Stationed at Port Lyautey all of 1952-1953.Worked in the VR-24 Navigation Office over the OD-Shack.Would like to hear from anyone stationed at that time.

Donald Rhoads (AT3 ) 
March 13

City, State: Niles, Ohio

I was a VOD Squad Plank owner. I remember working just about every work center but the avionics shop. I was MIDs corrosion control supervisor, TAD to security, shared a house on the side of Etna overlooking a monastery,(we were robbed every other payday). Went on a lot of great deployments, and had good times with good people. Who remembers the Brits, that ran our favorite bar in Cyprus? Does anyone else miss a giaroasta  from Little America? Catch up with me I'm on Facebook.

Fred Fuentes Email
Feb 21

City, State: Milton, Florida

Homepage URL: Att

Ref: Jan.29 entry- Nike Niedzwiedz. We were also did a tour with VT 6 at Whiting, fighting the T 28 WAR.

Philip J Eggerding Email
Feb 21

City, State: Hubbell, MI

Just found this webpage and HAD to sign in. I was a Aviation Medicine Technician and got assigned to NAS Naples from 74 to 76. I wasn't assigned to VR-24 per-se but I did all your Flight Physicals during that time. My most vivid memories of the Capodachino (sp?) base was the Traffic Circle just outside the main gate. Bought my first car and it took me 2 WEEKS to get enough courage up to drive off base. Naples traffic was something they hadn't warned us about. Another memory was practicing emergency ground and sea pick-ups with the H46 helicopter (Those were assigned to you? I think so.) During ground practice, some pilots would try to drop the rescue ring right on top of you before they grounded it first. If they touched you before the ring touched the ground, you'd get one whopping static electricity jolt. They never caught me. (grin) Since I was AvMed, I got to get flight time. Mostly with the H46 - Trips to the carriers, medevacs. I was there during the Kennedy/Belknap collision. That was heartbreaking as well as messy. I even got to sit in the co-pilot seat for a flight out to a carrier once when the assigned one couldn't show up on time. I know. Not Legal in the least, but the pilot needed a body in the right hand seat and we had a delivery to make. He even let me fly for a bit. Man... Helicopters take a *gentle* hand. Anyway, nice to know this page is here. I have some pics somewhere. Will need to dig them up.

John P. Karg Email
Feb 20

City, State: Corpus Christi, Texas

Hello fellow Air crewmen, wanted to update my E mail address. ( I arrived at VR-24 Naples in 1973, and departed in 1976, was one of the last remaining in Capo when the Squardron was moved to Sigonella. Flew in the C1A, 2200HRS, really enjoyed my time there. I used to think cars were fast till I had my first Cat shot, what a rush! Working for the DOD now, looking forward towards retirement in the near future. (maybe not) I have a few pictures from there, how would I get them uploaded for viewing. Thank You everyone for your service!

Allen Capel Email
Feb 20

City, State: Worton, MD

It has been a while since I last posted and I fear there are not so many survivors of VR-24 Port Lautey and the Naples C.O.D. det. To update things, I was in Port Lautey  1957- 59 and Naples 1961-late 63.  As an ADR I worked in P/P both times and was aircrew on the C-1A. Although health and age prevent me from attending reunions anymore, I strongly encourage anyone that served with 'The Biggest Little Airline" to make every attempt to get to one. Fun is guaranteed and you never know what old shipmate you will meet up with. It goes without saying that VR-24 was the best duty anyone could have in the Navy.  I am available to swap 'sea stories' or lies with any of you. I invite you to read Dick Prathers write up on TAD in the scrapbook. Dick almost makes me seem to be the hero of Shouda Bay. A big 'Bravo Zulu' to Dick for maintaining this website.

Mike Niedzwiedz Email
Jan 29

City, State: Chesapeake, VA

I was stationed in VR -24 from 1961 - 1963. I would have to say that this was the the best duty of my navy career. I was on my computer and came across VR-24 web page. All the pictures brought back many memories. I came across a shipmate Fred Fuentes and sent him an e mail. Great web site.
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