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Ray Ruggles Email
Sept 13

City, State: Marietta, GA

Homepage URL:

Roger Whiteford - Dover PA     You left a note on Aug 22 but didn't leave an
email address for a reply.
I spent the same time as you in VR 24. I would like to talk with you.  Or anyone else who served the squadron in 1963-65

Steve Neske Email
Sept 8

City, State: Topeka, Kansas

Harold Phipps, I remember you also.  Good to hear from you!!

Harold Phipps 
Sept 4

City, State: Louisa, Virginia


Was in VR-24 Det Naples from March 70 - 71 as a CYNSA/SN. My first duty station. Worked with George Hendricks in OPS and roomed with Pat Davis and Ken Collins.  Had good times at the bowling alley with Chip Drake, Steve Smith, Punchie Destanfano and Dan Futado. Played softball and basketball for VR / CG in 1970 with added friends John Bennett, Jim Novic, LT Parker and LT Crosby.  
I was transferred to the Capo Message Center in 1972 when VR-24 did not have a billet for a CYN3.  Steve Neske was also stationed at the message center.  
Good times and bad times.  In 1971 I lost good friends to an automoblile accident. Chip Drake,  Max Deblock and a young airman.  The squadron lost good men to aircraft accidents and automobile accidents.  I hope everyone will continue to remember and honor these fallen heros.  On a brighter side, my son was born at the Naval Hospital(12/73) in Naples.  

Carlos b Benavides  Email
Aug 31

City, State: Corpus Christi, TX

Late entry.
Larry Proctor former AE, approximately 79-81,
achieved LCDR rank and Chief. We were in VT-31/28, VR-24, NAS CC . Retired approximately 2002, passed away a few months ago

Roger Whiteford 
Aug 22

City, State: Dover, Pa.

Was with VR-24 from 1963-1965. Both Morocco and Spain. We had to move out of Morocco, (their gov. made us), to Spain. Had great times with VR-24.  That was a very long time ago. Still remember some of it. Have a few pictures around here some place will have to look for them.  

Carlos Benavides  Email
Aug 17

City, State: cc, TX

See y'all in P-Cola

Linda Warden 
Aug 14

City, State: Chicago, IL

Was attached to VR-24 in Naples Italy and part of flight crew during late 1973 to early 1975. Was a wide-eyed naïve 18yoa in a field that had just opened up to women. Being among the first wasn't easy but it makes it a little smoother for those that follow. A lot of great memories and how I loved flying!

Dave Hunter Email
Aug 7

City, State: Lakehurst, Nj


I was PRAME shop supervisor and other places, late 1978 through late 1981.
Primarily, great times, great people, great memories.  Especially WE ARE VR
sports.  Softball, Football, and Golf, at the great Rocky Hollow Golf Course. 

Ken Collins Email
July 22

City, State: Broken Arrow, OK

I was in VR-24 Det in Naples from May of 70 to Jan. 73.  The last reunion I attended was in Cherry Hill, Maryland.  I would like to see some of the guys from that period in Pensacola.  If anyone knows of Lynn Hyatt, Pat Davis, Punchie Destifano, Chief Dan Dompe, Freddie Frederichs, Dan Hatcher and Smokie Stover, I would like to contact them again. 

dave kinney Email
July 10

City, State: saint cloud,mn

keep visiting the old place-i left sig in 91?-
went to the america -yada yada yada

looking for vr-24 ball caps ?-
anyone with them hanging around -
get back to me ?
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