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Steve Maney Email
Oct 7, 2013

My parents married Dec 1945 and shortly after, moved to Cliffside. I was born in 1947 at the Shelby hospital. My dad told me of driving a bus, working as a pin setter in a bowling alley, and working in the Cone Mill . He also mentioned an ice house being there.  We moved away sometime before I entered school. I visited The mill area in the mid 1990's and stopped by the Shelby hospital . I was shown where the old medical center was when I was born. I ordered a couple copies of the book, "Cliffside: Portrait of a Carolina Mill Town (NC)". I will give one to my parents ;I'm sure they will enjoy reading it and seeing the pictures. Thank you for all your efforts on this website.

Don Miller Email
Sept 11, 2013

While looking for good content about Rutherford County for my website I discovered your site.  Very awesome...thank you for all this dedication!!! Don Miller

travis coggins Email
March 11, 2013

i have been going over the history and me and my wife and good friend clint have been metal detecting around the school and the old train tracks and have fount many good items relating to cliffside their is so much history to cliffside and we also met a very nice native their.

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Jerry Kendrick Email
Dec 15, 2012

A curious entry would be for everyone to list where they live and where they have lived over the past ?? years.  I didn't live in Cliffside but did work at the cafe for a while, lived in Henrietta. First graduating class of Chase Hi.
Went in the Air Force, lived in So. Dak., Belgium, Va., Fla., N.C. Calif,  Korea, Calif. and So. Dak again, Calif again. then moved to Miss.  Been here for 10 yrs now.  Or e mail me . 
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