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Brian Leigh 

My dad, James B. Leigh, served in:
1st Platoon / A Company / 1st Battalion / 4th Marines 
(10 OCT 1966 - 27 FEB 1967)
He was wounded on 27 FEB '67, during Phase II of Operation Deckhouse VI. He survived his wounds and went on to raise three kids. He worked as a computer engineer for AT&T for nearly 27 years, before passing away on 2 March 1997, after a brief battle with cancer. I was 16 years old at the time. I may have only had 16 years with him, but it was long enough to learn just how wonderful he was. He taught me to be a proud, patriotic American and to never take the freedoms afforded me by men like you for granted. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my dad during his time in the Marine Corps.  

David Shurr Email

I was Sgt. Shurr from 1st battalion 4th marines 3rd marine div. I was in Charlie co. 3rd platoon from aug. 1967 to end of July 1968. I was in operation granite and operation loon. I am still looking for staff sergeant Thornton from chicago. Also Glen Weeks wrote in hear 3/15/12 and did not leave his e-mail. I would like to hear from him and a guy by the name of Rufus Young , and any one else who was there then . Great web site . Thanks Dave

Nathan Daine Email

Served with 1/4 Wpns. Co CAAT-Bravo Battle of Al Najaf- August 5th 2004. 2003-2007

Tony Rizzutto 

Found this site during Google search. I was making comments on a Vietnam Veteran link on Facebook. I just want to note that the photos of lst Platoon and VC flag were taken by me with a Ricoh instamatic.
Cpl Tony Rizzutto, Dong Ha, D-1-4, 67-68

Ron Baldwin Email


Gung-Ho a book by John Poole a 1st Lt of Alpha One Four.

Sgt Anthony Price is mentioned.

Every past or present Marine should read this book. It's about a little-known and underappreciated part of their heritage. Not just more philosophy, 'Gung Ho!' brings warfare right down to the fire team level where it belongs. As such, all modern infantrymen and special operators will benefit from the read. At battle's end, he who still occupies the ground wins. 'Gung Ho!' follows the Marine Raiders and their 4th Marine Regiment successors through the Upper Solomons, Guam, and Okinawa of WWII, and then to Dai Do, Con Thien, and the CAP villages of Vietnam. At the end is a way for both infantry branches to develop more squad proficiency. Without it, they cannot win WWIII

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