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First Battalion Fourh Marines Guestbook

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Andrew E.Devlin Email

I was a member of 1/4 3rd Mar. Div. I was in Super Squad in 1976. Camp Hansen 

Brian Leigh 

My dad, James B. Leigh, served in:
1st Platoon / A Company / 1st Battalion / 4th Marines 
(10 OCT 1966 - 27 FEB 1967)
He was wounded on 27 FEB '67, during Phase II of Operation Deckhouse VI. He survived his wounds and went on to raise three kids. He worked as a computer engineer for AT&T for nearly 27 years, before passing away on 2 March 1997, after a brief battle with cancer. I was 16 years old at the time. I may have only had 16 years with him, but it was long enough to learn just how wonderful he was. He taught me to be a proud, patriotic American and to never take the freedoms afforded me by men like you for granted. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my dad during his time in the Marine Corps.  

David Shurr Email

I was Sgt. Shurr from 1st battalion 4th marines 3rd marine div. I was in Charlie co. 3rd platoon from aug. 1967 to end of July 1968. I was in operation granite and operation loon. I am still looking for staff sergeant Thornton from chicago. Also Glen Weeks wrote in hear 3/15/12 and did not leave his e-mail. I would like to hear from him and a guy by the name of Rufus Young , and any one else who was there then . Great web site . Thanks Dave

Nathan Daine Email

Served with 1/4 Wpns. Co CAAT-Bravo Battle of Al Najaf- August 5th 2004. 2003-2007

Tony Rizzutto 

Found this site during Google search. I was making comments on a Vietnam Veteran link on Facebook. I just want to note that the photos of lst Platoon and VC flag were taken by me with a Ricoh instamatic.
Cpl Tony Rizzutto, Dong Ha, D-1-4, 67-68
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